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AntiBotDeluxe was the first ever made premium antibot resource. With experience since 2015 it offers the best protection.

Our service is trusted by over 1500 server owners, with over 200 5-star reviews and frequent updates, AntiBotDeluxe has become the most trusted and popular antibot resource on the internet.

Why AntiBotDeluxe?

Low Costs

Our goal has always been to keep every server protected. All services come without monthly running costs.

Advanced Algorithm

AntiBotDeluxe is constantly learning about new methods and attack types. With our huge database we are able to offer extremely high detection rates.

No Impact

AntiBotDeluxe makes sure that your players won't feel anything while you're server is under attack. Our false-positive rates are super low.


AntiBotDeluxe is the first official web-based captcha system for Minecraft. Providing sensitive protection with CloudFlare and Google reCaptcha and 2-way authentication methods.

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  • Custom URL
  • Responsive and flat design
  • Rocket fast and redundant

Unique features that fit your needs

Database Support

AntiBotDeluxe is able to store all data in databases such as MySQL. Our high-performing pooling system allows high speed communication.


Our caching system is one of the fastest available, we cache all results and prioritize them to reduce load and increase performance.

6-way Analysis

AntiBotDeluxe has six different ways of analyzing a connection and giving it a threat score. This makes it almost impossible to bypass.

Firewall Integration

By integrating into the OS-Firewall we block connections at the very first level. We also use custom rules to prevent crash attacks such as NullPing.

Redundant API

Our API called Satellite runs redundant to offer high availability and low latency. We use 4 different locations and loadbalacing to always connect you to the nearest server.

IP-Scoring System

AntiBotDeluxe has a system to give IP-Addresses a score, by using this system we can provide you with one of the most reliable anti VPN/Proxy system.